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Pigs, poultry and plonk!

Loddington chickens eggs

In 2023 we’ve had some firsts here at Loddington. We have our first 100 hundred laying hens who arrived in May and have been busy laying ever since - their eggs have been so popular that we have another 100 coming in August to keep up with demand! They are lovely to have on the farm and are enjoying foraging on fresh ground nearly every day. Their eggs are fresh and beautiful to eat and our land is getting the benefit of scratching and chicken poo to boot.

We also have some new arrivals due next month, when 20 piglets will be arriving from my friend RegenBen. They are going to grow up on fresh ground and will be ready to order in the shop later in the year. Again, Loddington will be producing tasty food which has benefited the soil and the environment as part of our farming system. I’m sure it will have some challenges but it will be worth it...

This year has also seen the removal of many of our orchards, some of which were ready to go but some that have gone before their time. This has largely been driven by poor prices from supermarkets but also a lack of skilled labour and high energy prices. All of that and the nature of our weather has meant that we need to change the way we farm. It is sad in many ways but also presents opportunities for us and frees up land for exciting new projects.

In June we planted our first vineyard on the warm slopes of the farm, which should provide us with some wine in a couple of years and will also be managed by sheep and chickens at different times of the year. Imaging BBQs here in 2025 with our own meat and fine wine! We can’t wait.

Another first is our little campsite project. Where apple trees once stood we have decided to invite happy campers to the farm to enjoy what we have to offer. Beer from the Musket Brewery, some coffee and food from Kampa Coffee, all the groceries you need at Loddington Farm shop and maybe some beautiful flower picking at Blooming Green.

It’s a busy year here at Loddington and the new farm shop will also be open soon. It’s been a long time coming but we're nearly there so watch this space!

Finally, if you fancy putting a tug of war team together for the inaugural Loddington championships then complete the sign-up form here.

It’s all for charity and should be a good laugh. The home team (The Boughton Beer Bellies) who train in the Musket Brewery Tap room will be ready to meet any contenders on the day 😊


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