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Our Goals for 2021

Difficult to narrow down this year's plans for the farm, but here are 5 key goals that we're already focusing on...

We're really excited about getting pigs, sheep and chickens on the farm - their job will be to kickstart soil biology on ground that has historically been in orchards for a long time. We've put in our cover crops already, so livestock grazing will help to cycle nutrients quicker than plants on their own can.

The woodland trees will make the farm a more diverse environment and create a rich ecosystem for wildlife. Woodland corridors will link up existing habitats so that we can become an even more wildlife friendly farm.

Ultimately these changes will be better for food production and the natural environment - win, win.

Above all, we're going to strive to have fun doing what we love. Sadly, mainstream farming has lost its charm over recent years and become very stressful and difficult to make a living from. We really hope that we can join others in making a real change in the way that Britain farms going forward...

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Apr 04, 2022
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